It takes zero effort to be kind 🤔

So I won tickets to 2018 Bull Bash from our local radio station KBULL! The only way to attend the concert was to win them so I was super excited. We got there and there was an insane line that wrapped around the venue to get inside. I’m talking 100’s of people! It was freezing outside! Low 40’s and Sky and I we’re standing out there, both of us without jackets because we knew it would be hot inside since it was standing room only. He was keeping me warm for quite awhile and I was being myself making friends in line. Then he left. My new friends were an older couple and so sweet as soon as he walked away they both said I bet he went to go get you a jacket and sure enough they were right. He’s pretty much the best. He got my jacket and came back to get in line we waited another 30 minutes outside before we finally got in. Once we were inside, we walked on to the floor and found spots to stand. If anyone knows me they know I only do the Pit at concerts. I love to be as close as possible. The artists came out. It was first Stephanie Quayle, Riley Green, Travis Denning and Tyler Rich who I’ve seen a million times in California and is actually a friend of mine. Anyways we were all enjoying the concert and at this point I’ve made friends with everyone around me. Out of no where, these two tall girls walk up, acting drunk and being rude. They were pretty, but the kind of pretty where they know they are pretty. They came up and stood in front of the girl next to me who was probably 4’10” and very quiet. I looked over at her and could tell she couldn’t see. So I tapped the girls on the shoulder and said “Hey she can’t see would you mind moving over just a bit?” Any decent person would see she was shorter and that they were 5’11” with heels on and move over. But not these two. The blonde girl turned around and said, “If she can’t see maybe she should have been taller…it’s not my fault she’s short.” What’s worse, is she called more of her friends to come over and stand in front of this poor girl. The poor girl was almost in tears!

I don’t understand how anybody can be that mean. Eventually they ended up leaving to get drinks and we never let them back in. The rest of the concert was amazing Carly Pearce, Michael Ray, Lo Cash, Jimmy Allen and Rodney Adkins all put on an amazing show. I highly recommend seeing Jimmy Allen if you get the chance. He’s phenomenal and so talented. But I just kept thinking about those girls. What kind of world are we living in where adults bully other adults? What kind of example are we setting for the younger generation? It’s really sad. I always quote the mean girls movie “I wish we could all bake a cake made of rainbow and smiles and we all eat and be happy.” But I seriously, I wish we lived in a world where we didn’t judge one and other for what they have or don’t have, what they looked like, size, weight, etc. Maybe someday… Until then, all I can do is raise my children to be better and set an example that it takes zero effort to be kind.

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