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Back 2 School – Boys Edition

My biggest tip when it comes to back-to-school shopping is:

If possible, make outfits for every day of the week. That way, you will only have to do laundry once per week. Unless you have a Carson who tries to change his clothes 5 times a day.

Here’s what your kid will likely need in the clothing department:

• 8 to 10 shirts

• 4-6 long-sleeve shirts, including a dressy top for special occasions like after-school functions or picture day. (That day is the ONLY day I can get my oldest to wear a collar and match properly)

• 2-4 sweaters/sweatshirts (including pullovers and hoodies)

• 7 pairs of pants (mix it up with jeans, khakis and joggers)

• 5 pair of shorts

• 1-2 coats (depending on the weather where you live)

• Scarves, mittens, beanies, gloves, etc. Especially if you are living in Utah!

Your kid will likely need tennis shoes as well as sandals and dress shoes or boots.

2 pairs of tennis shoes – I have one for outside play and one to wear everyday

1-2 pairs of sandals/slip-on shoes


As with other clothing items, having extra socks and underwear saves you from having to wash your life (and sanity) away everyday.

Sky thinks this amount is excessive but I think it’s totally necessary!

• 10-14 pairs of socks

• 10-14 pairs of underwear

I have created a list of everything I bought Carson this year with links at the bottom of this page.
I also have a Free PDF of a back to school printable check list!

Target, Gap and Old Navy have been my go to this year for school clothes shopping since Gymboree is closed down.

Famous Footwear is where I bought all his shoes. Plus, they have an amazing deal going on right now!

Free Shipping if you join their rewards program which is FREE
Plus buy one get one 50% off and an additional 15% off on all shoes
with code SAVEASAP (this code online works on Nike, Converse and Vans).

Converse Shoes are never this cheap so I went Converse crazy.
In my opinion Converse are the best school shoes to buy kids. (And no, this isn’t sponsored)
Here’s why:
• They hold up to kids wear and tear
• They clean really easy – Carson wore his last pair of white Converse to Dugway digging for Geodes in the dirt, they were filthy and … (helpful tip) I cleaned them with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser afterwards and they look brand new!
• They are comfortable
• Casual shoes that still go with all outfits.
• They come in so many colors and styles they have something for everyone – My favorite is the white leather because they wipe clean super easy and match everything.

I compiled a list below of what we bought this year ,click the arrow to see more.

Save 20% on select shoes with code SHOES20. 
Valid through 8/17.

Take an extra 20% off your purchase with code SUNNY. 
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Up to 50% off jeans and tops. 
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