So you have all these friends who are there for you , who you have always been there for . That’s how friendships work right? Well that’s how it was until I moved. I had dozens of friends and family who said that me moving would change nothing and we would visit each other all the time. Fast forward a year because it has been a year now since I left California and most those people haven’t even bothered to call let alone visit. Not friends or family certain people have even wrote my son out of their life. I’ve been pretty bitter about it especially after going through the holidays and then my birthday but luckily my ❤️’s family is absolutely amazing and have always welcomed Carson and I and treated us like family. I don’t have any friends here in Utah so his family has really been such a blessing. 

A couple weeks ago one of my best friends flew to Salt Lake. She is very busy with work and didn’t have very long here .The weekend she came happened to be the weekend of Sundance and while she was here I had to work every night and all night until 4am hosting cast parties, luckily I was able to get her into a few of them and she had a great time and met a lot of celebs.

  I was happy she came to visit and during the day I still wanted to make sure she had fun. So from Sunday until Tuesday we didn’t sleep. We spent the nighti inPark City at the Stella Lounge and Sunday we did Temple Square then went back home changed and drove up to Sundance then drove home . Next day was Lucky 13, Ice Castles ,sushi and then drove back to Sundance. After that we drove  home and she caught a flight back at 5am that morning. Shout out to 5 hour energy shots for helping us survive that weekend.

Thanks Jill for making time to come out and see us!! 

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