No cameras allowed 🙈

As of today we have officially been Utahns for a year. Gosh this year went by so fast. It hasn’t been easy it’s been quite an adjustment not just for me but for Carson too. I know being away from our family really gets to him sometimes. We are lucky to have Sky’s family here though. Since day one they have welcomed us and treated us like family.

Today was the primary program at church and Sky’s grandma and grandpa from both sides of his family came to watch Carson say his one line and sing his songs. The amount of love and support Carson gets from their family is absolutely amazing. I know had this program been in California I can’t say he would have had that many people there to support him. The program happened directly after sacrament so cameras and pictures weren’t allowed. But I mean there wasn’t a sign and I wasn’t told directly. I guess people just know. Anyways I am that mom I got out my phone and Sky sunk down in his seat trying to ignore the fact that I was breaking rules and snapping photos. Poor little Carson had woken up that morning at 7am so during this program he was absolutely exhausted rubbing his eyes and staring off into space as he sang. Even so he still got up in the podium said his name and his part. That boy is so well behaved it even surprises me sometimes.